There’s a constant debate about whether or not a person can use any drug casually. Whether it’s heroin, meth, marijuana or prescription drugs, some people insist that they can be a casual user of any kind of drug without suffering the effects of addiction or withdrawal. While this may be true in the case of marijuana and certain prescription drugs, those substances are often a gateway to using a harder substance or more frequent use that can be unhealthy. Those harder substances, like meth, crack, powdered cocaine, heroin and prescription opioids like Fentanyl, are known for having a high addiction rate. Heroin especially is known to get people who use it addicted within the first few uses.

Not every person will get addicted to the same substances with the same use, however. Everyone’s body handles drugs and alcohol differently, and the same amount of a drug that may get someone addicted with multiple uses won’t be the same for someone else. Because of how much variation there is in what will be addicting for different people, it’s extremely difficult to say if any one person can use a drug casually.

A big part of what it boils down to, however, is the person in question and their self control, restraint or ability to say no to themselves. If you have an incredible amount of self control, then it’s very possible that you can use certain substances occasionally and not feel the effects of addiction, but it’s extremely rare that a person can resist the urge to use again after the rush of euphoria most drugs provide. Unless you have absolute confidence in your ability to say no, your willpower or your non-addictive personality traits, it’s safe to assume that you’ll struggle with trying to remain a casual user before you spiral into daily use and addiction. Even if you believe you can do it, is it really worth the potential cost? All it takes is just one more use of the drug than you planned on that week, or finding yourself automatically reaching for a pipe or needle or pill the next day because you’re itching for that high again, and drugs have their claws in you.

While it may be technically possible to be a casual drug user, you’re not free from the side effects of using. Even occasional use over a long period of time can have serious consequences for your health, and the risk of spinning out into addiction outweighs the ‘fun’ you think you’re having.

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