You did something dumb once. Maybe more than once. Maybe you’ve done more dumb things than you can count. It could be something big and dumb, or small and dumb. Dumb is dumb, and when we feel like something that we’ve done is hanging over us like a cloud, it can be hard to stop constantly berating ourselves over it. How could we have done something so foolish? This is especially true if you continued to make mistakes and poor choices repeatedly. Sometimes, it probably feels like the shame or even embarrassment that you feel over it is going to drown you as much as your addiction would have. The reality of what you’ve done in the past may be hard to swallow, but there’s no one stopping you from moving on once you’ve done just that.

It’s okay to be a little hard on yourself as you work to overcome the bad habits and choices you made. Don’t let yourself off easy when the going gets tough, and that’s when you really let yourself grow, but once you’ve grown and you’re in a good place, it’s okay to ease up. Everyone, even people who haven’t struggled with an addiction, will make a mistake of some sort at some time or another, even after they work to correct it. Embrace the fact that part of life is learning to learn from your mistakes, and move on from there, no matter how often they pop up. When you’ve learned all there is for your to learn from that mistake, let it go; the discomfort associated with it has served its purpose.

Instead of focusing all of your energy being negative towards yourself because of the past, instead, think how you could be investing all that time and energy into bettering your future, no matter where you are in life now. Instead of snapping at yourself and getting frustrated for half an hour over a simple mistake, use that half an hour to do something positive and productive for yourself, something that’ll make your day easier. Working towards a better tomorrow in anyway is always a better use of your time, and it’s kinder to yourself.





If you’re struggling with an addiction, the best way to work for a better tomorrow is to get help for your addiction today. No matter how long you’ve struggled, there’s always hope for a better day, and The Springboard Center is ready to help you achieve sobriety. Call us today for information: 432-620-0255