Sobriety can be a bear sometimes. It’s easy to let yourself get caught up in stress, and before you know it, you’re itching for a hit or a drink again. It doesn’t help that stress, whether it’s from work, home or relationships, is one of the top reasons why people start using in the first place. Add on the fact that life can just plain suck sometimes, and it makes staying sober that much more difficult. The good news in all of this is that despite how hard it may seem at times to be sober, and how much you may prefer to throw in the towel, living a healthy, sober life is worth it, in every way. Instead of dwelling on how hard it is and how much you’re struggling, put your feelings into action, and try some of the suggestions below to try and make it a little smoother sailing for you.

  1. Focus on the good days: It’s a lot easier to nitpick and beat ourselves up when things go wrong. Instead, put that energy to use by celebrating your good days. By putting more focus on your success, you’re consistently putting yourself in that mindframe of yes, I can!
  2. Try something new: If you’re really struggling, it can be hard to find activities or people to hang out with that aren’t part of your addiction history, especially if you struggled with addiction for a long period of time. Focus on trying a new hobby or meeting new people in a healthy environment instead of thinking about what you can’t do anymore.
  3. Set a goal for yourself: It can be small, like waking up earlier every day for a week to go for a sunrise walk, or big like saving up for a downpayment on a home. Giving yourself something to work towards will help you stay positive about what you’re doing in life.
  4. Go easy on yourself: Triggers and cravings can happen to people who’ve been sober for a decade or sober for a month. What matters is when those triggers and cravings hit, you choose to remain sober. By not picking up a syringe or a bottle, you’re actively choosing yourself over the addiction that once controlled you, and it can be a big confidence boost.





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