Since there have been no reported deaths in result to smoking marijuana, there is still a debate as to whether or not it is safe. When you compare marijuana to alcohol, which can kill you if you drink too much of it, it would seem relatively safe. The truth is that recent studies have shown that marijuana is linked with lung changes, memory loss, and other complications to your health.

How does marijuana affect your body?

The THC that you smoke goes from your bloodstream to your brain which causes you to feel high. Marijuana has a number of effects on your body such as having trouble thinking, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, increased appetite, slow coordination, and a fast heart rate.

What happens when you breathe in marijuana smoke?

Marijuana is filled with chemicals found in tobacco like ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde which has been known to cause cancer. Whether you smoke marijuana in a joint or a water pipe, the smoke can go straight into your lungs. In the 2013 study “Cancer Causes & Control,” heavy marijuana users raise their risk of lung cancer and experience coughing and wheezing.

Can marijuana change how the brain works?

Yes. Brain imaging scans reveal that there is blood flow changes to parts of the brain that is involved in memory and attention. Studies have also noticed a difference in size and the shape of the thalamus which is involved in consciousness and information processing. People have scored lower on tests that have memory, attention, and learning sections. The effects can also worsen the brains of teenagers as their brains are still developing.

Is is safer to eat marijuana instead of smoking it?

While eating pot in a brownie or other edibles may not bring you damages to your lungs compared to smoking it, that does not mean it is safe. The effects of marijuana may not come quickly as it takes a while to digest. Eating too much marijuana can mean you can overdose where you will experience anxiety and panic. You could also experience hangover effects like dry mouth and bloodshot eyes.

Is it safe to drive after using marijuana?

No. Marijuana impairs your cognitive abilities that you need for safe driving like attention, vision, and coordination. While the effects may not be as severe as drunk driving, it is always best to drive when you are not high on anything.

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