The past can haunt us. Mistakes, choices we wish we hadn’t made, our actions and the things we said are all examples of things from the past that can keep a person up at night. Even the most successful, most outwardly positive people have regrets in life, most likely, and depending on what exactly is in a person’s past, it can be a heavy burden to bear. If you’re in recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction, this can be especially true; many people battling addiction find themselves doing things and crossing lines they never imagined they would have to get money, drugs or alcohol. When trying to move forward in a healthy, honest life, it can be hard to let go of your past.

That’s the key, though. The past is exactly that – past. It’s already happened and gone by, and as hard as it can be to accept, nothing that we do or say now can have an effect on that. We simply have to accept that it’s too late to change what’s already happened. Everyone in life makes mistakes, and as terrible as some of those choices and mistakes are, there’s not a point in beating yourself up over it. Being too hard on yourself now won’t do anything but damage your self esteem, which can set you up to make more bad choices. It’s good to have remorse for your choices and actions, especially if they had a negative impact on friends or family, but wallowing in regret will get you nowhere.

Facing your past is an important part of letting it go. If you’re always running from your past choices, you’re failing to own up to your own mistakes. You have to take responsibility for your past, even if it hurts, so that you can forgive yourself enough to let it go. If you’re not willing to take ownership of your choices and forgive yourself, why would anyone else? To err is human, but forgiving is part of being human as well, and that starts with yourself.

The past can feel like an anchor, dragging you under a wave of shame and regret for past actions and decisions. If you allow your past to define your present, your future may not be much different. What matters is your ability to move forward and make the choices that will help you live a long, healthy, clean life.

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