The new year is seen as a new start, a fresh beginning that leaves the past behind and turns our attention to the future. For a lot of people in recovery from or suffering currently from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this is a solemn vow to start anew, leaving the pain of addiction behind and focusing on a healthy future. Sure, you can see resolutions as a simple list of goals someone would like to keep, but if you truly want to change your life in some way, it’s important to come up with your list with the intention to actually work to achieve these goals. What you do after you’ve made your list is what’s key, and you should make your goals attainable, but something to strive for. Below are four resolutions that can help you pave a way to a better you, and they’re resolutions that you can actually keep.

  1. First things first, GET HELP: if you’re currently struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or are someone who has relapsed, get help NOW. Don’t let the days slip away before you decide to take action. Make your number one priority for the new year getting into a treatment program that will truly work for you.
  2. Make new friends: We all know how important it is to have friends who don’t drink or use drugs when we’re working towards or trying to maintain sobriety, but really make an effort to try and meet new people who don’t participate in these things.
  3. Try a new hobby: Trying new things is good for the soul. Try out a painting or cooking class, or even just get your hands dirty in the garden with your family this spring. Don’t be afraid to branch out a little bit and it might just surprise you.
  4. Stay active: You don’t have to train for a marathon, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is to do something active for at least thirty minutes a day. It’ll keep you busy, and it’ll pay off physically when you’re in better health.





If you’re currently struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, take this opportunity of the new year and get the help you need. The Springboard Center has both outpatient and residential treatment programs available that can be tailored to address your life and your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all program. Don’t let addiction control you another day, call and get help now: 432-620-0255.