One way that drug dealers and other users get people to try drugs for the first time is telling them how great some activity is while they’re under the influence. Surprisingly, this is especially true around the holidays. “Oh, you should try going sledding after smoking some weed” or “try baking cookies while you’re on meth, it’ll go so fast.” Even going to family gatherings or holiday parties under the influence is recommended, despite the many, many drawbacks of these substances.

The truth is, as much euphoria as some substances rush into you after you use them, there’s no comparison to experiencing the holidays with a clear mind. If you have kids, you’ll miss the wonder on their face as you share family traditions or read to them by the Christmas tree. You’ll miss the opportunity to sing and be goofy with your spouse while you’re wrapping gifts, or miss the chance to win that door prize at the work holiday party.

The holidays really aren’t that different from everyday life in that to really enjoy them and truly experience them, drugs aren’t the way. As tempting as it may be to relapse into meth use if you’ve had an addiction in the past when you feel the pressure to get things done, you have to ask yourself if it’s really truly worth the loss of sober living. Every day you’re faced with choices: to remain sober, or relapse? Whether the question is screaming in your face as triggers and cravings or if it’s just a little twinge of a craving you feel if you pass something from your past, every day you choose to remain sober is a victory, and every time you do something for the holidays sober, you’re adding another one to your belt.

The holidays are a really beautiful time of year, full of goodwill, love and laughter, and when you can resist the cravings and enjoy the activities of this time of year without drugs, you’re embodying one of the main reasons people celebrate this time of year: love. You’re loving yourself, your family and your friends enough to stay sober, even if you’ve got holiday stress, instead of taking the easy way out.





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