Lying is an incredibly hard habit to break once you’ve developed it. You could have absolutely no reason to lie to someone, and you commonly find yourself twisting stories or flat out lying, about anything or everything. Even people who may live an otherwise good, wholesome life can find themselves struggling with dishonesty, and it’s a slippery slope when you find that you can’t stop. When we’re caught in the habit of lying, it can be hard to break the habit. We often lie to keep ourselves from negative consequences and repercussions, only to find that the results of lying are far worse than if we had simply come clean and admitted our shortcomings to the people around us.

Like substance addictions, denying that you have a problem with lying will keep you from changing your ways as long as you are in denial. When you admit it and accept it, you open the door to being able to talk to a counselor or even a 12-step program sponsor or friend to commit to being truthful with them. Finding someone who will hold you accountable is key, because it takes time to break the habit of not telling the truth.

Eventually, your lies will be discovered by someone you’re lying to, and you run a great risk of losing the trust and friendship of those who mean the most to you. Lying can destroy families, even starting from the smallest white lie, and this kind of betrayal can take years to repair, and in some cases, some people simply can’t be associated with dishonest people. By continuing to be dishonest, you run the risk of people, even family, cutting you out of their lives. Considering whether you value that relationship or your lies more may be the step you need to start changing your habits.

Commit openly to positive change, and commit to awareness. It’s hard to shake the habit of lying, especially when you’ve developed a silver tongue over years of lying. No matter how hard you work at honesty, there will be moments, usually in extreme stress or emotional turmoil, where you’ll slip up and lie. The key is coming out with the truth as soon as you realize what you’ve done, and admitting your mistake. The sooner you come clean and ask for help if you need it, the easier it will be to create good habits to overtake the lies and deceit.






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