If you are playing the role of a drug addict, it helps to understand the mind of an addict as well as physical attributes. Brandon Flynn plays the role of Justin on the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” who starts off the second season as a drug addict. Flynn used his experience of past drug use and further research to delve into the role of Justin that shows how you are still human while tackling a drug addiction.

The character of Justin comes from a broken home where his mother is a drug addict who lives with her abusive, drug dealer boyfriend. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, he leaves the area and becomes homeless where he gets started in his heroin habit. When a fellow classmate of his takes him in, he tries to detox him at his house and get him clean. Flynn told Hollywood Reporter that used to use drugs when he was in high school after getting bullied for his love of theater and being overweight. He felt like he needed to self-medicate with drugs and keep his feelings inside.

Flynn would watch movies that depicted drug addiction like Requiem for a Dream, Panic in Needle Park, and Trainspotting where not only does drug use play a major part but has a psychedelic vibe to better put you in the shoes of a drug addict. Flynn wanted to show the accuracy of the way his character spoke while under the influence and going through a painful detox. He spoke to one of the writers of the show, Nic Sheff, who wrote books about growing up with addiction. They would go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings together as well as needle exchanges and methadone clinics to see the importance of staying clean and being able to function. Flynn would also read about the constant stomach pains that rock musician Kurt Cobain went through while on drugs.

After going through his research, Flynn has learned that you cannot quit drugs cold turkey and how drugs can take so much away from a person. After speaking with someone at a methadone clinic, he recommended Flynn to put humor into his role to better show humanity in drug addiction. While there are moments of shame, there are also happy moments too. Flynn learned after filming how important it is to have someone be there for you during your recovery.

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