Unless you’re your own boss, chances are there’s someone over you at work. Your boss can either be a great asset that improves your work team and motivates you and your coworkers to perform better, or your boss can be a living nightmare that makes you dread your time on the clock. We often see our bosses getting credit for our work, getting a holiday bonus, or taking time off that we’d rather be taking ourselves. It’s easy to envy your boss and imagine how easy they must have it, especially if you have a poor relationship with them. They just cruise through life, right? Surprisingly, your boss may be just as stressed out and depressed as you are, and it’s become a negative trend in the United States where office managers, supervisors and bosses of all levels are thought less of if they have depression or other mental health struggles.

Think about it for a moment; your boss often has many of the same responsibilities as you, in addition to being responsible for you and your coworkers, and just like you, they often have a family to worry about as well. That’s a lot of pressure to be under constantly, and while a good boss can keep how he feels and how he is at work separate, he or she is only human. Part of being human is struggling with depression at times, and as much as we can imagine that they’re an emotionless machine that wants more and more work done, they’re not. They may have the corner office, a higher pay rate, or even just a better parking spot, but their life is full of challenges and struggles just like yours. Depression in the workplace is extremely common, and our bosses aren’t immune to it.

What we need to understand is that’s just fine. If you’re a boss, you’re allowed to be depressed. If you have a boss, he or she is allowed to be depressed. Heading up an office isn’t easy, and it can take a lot out of a person. If we put pressure on our bosses to keep a strong face, they may not take the time to get help if they need it later on. It’s okay to struggle with depression, and it’s okay to be a boss that’s struggling with depression.

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