Being in recovery is a day-by-day work in progress that has good days and bad days. You should always wake up every morning looking forward to what the day may bring. Here are some morning routines you should stick to during your recovery to bring energy and happiness to last you through the day.

Your normal morning routine before becoming clean was to take an alcoholic drink or to get high. Now, you will have to find healthier ways to start the day away from substance abuse. One routine you can do is to look in the mirror and say positive self-affirmations of what your hopes and goals are for the day. It can be simple sayings like “I am feeling healthy and strong today” or “I am patient and calm and greet the day with ease.” You can write them down on post-it cards and tape them to your mirror so that you will always have a positive reminder of how strong you are.

Another routine can be practicing meditation like yoga or tai chi so that you can clear your mind away from the negativity and cravings and just focus on the movement of your breath. You can meditate in other ways like listening to relaxing music, dancing, or paint a picture. It is also important to do physical activity in the morning to release those feel-good chemicals such as endorphins or serotonin to give you more energy during the day and to be in great physical shape. You can take a morning walk, run, play tennis, swim, and others in order to increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles.

It helps to begin every morning drinking a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated and will further prevent your cravings. You should also never start your day without eating a healthy breakfast with protein, fruit, and a little bit of whole grain to keep you in a good mood and regulate your blood sugar. One more thing you should do in the morning is to plan out what you are going to do today. Routines are stable and you will have more control and feel a sense of purpose if you make daily goals and plans. If you decide to choose any of these routines to start your day, you will feel energized and you will look forward to being alive every time you wake up.

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