When you make the decision to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction, there can be a feeling of frustration as you learn that treatment isn’t an overnight fix for addiction. Most treatment plans for in patient facilities are thirty days to start with, more for severe cases or ones requiring hospitalization, but especially for those working a full time job, it can be hard to stomach the time away from work, family or responsibilities. As unnerving as it may be, taking time to focus on treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, is extremely important to successful sobriety.

Treatment isn’t something you can just kind of show up for and go through the motions. It’s the gateway to either a healthy, sober life or a potential rollercoaster of relapses and setbacks. Taking the time in a longer treatment program will give you more time to work with addiction specialists, trained professionals who can help you find the most effective way to understand and cope with addiction. It gives the counselors a chance to explore more of the factors that contributed to the patient’s substance abuse, and helps the patient understand their addiction better.

When you take the time for treatment and apply yourself, you set yourself up for future success by giving yourself the time you need to really learn tools to help cope with cravings or triggers. Actually learning what you’re hearing in treatment makes the difference between a successful treatment program and a poor one.

Many people struggling with addiction also experience trust issue, especially when it comes to talking about their drug or alcohol abuse. Going through a longer treatment program or taking time off of work or school to focus on treatment for more than a few days will open the door to being able to trust your counselor or specialist with issues that may be affecting their recovery.

It can be a stressful idea, thinking about putting your job and responsibilities aside for a time to focus on treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, but the risk you take by not making that commitment to your sobriety is far more frightening. If nothing else, consider it this way: if you truly work at it, and apply yourself, and work to change your life, chances are you’ll have a more successful recovery, leading a sober, and clean life.

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