Pregnancy is a beautiful change to happen to a woman. You are holding life inside your belly with nine months until you can meet your child. For some women, it is just the idea of being pregnant that they are obsessed with so they can get attention, forget their problems, and to make sure their pregnancy glow never goes away.

According to Boston psychiatrist Keith Ablow, M.D., believes that pregnancy addiction is a real thing and that women have those addictions when they have underlying problems and feel insecure. The problem is that women with this addiction are so in love with being pregnant and having children that they start to neglect the ones they have. When the baby is born, they could love the idea of a baby being a baby until they grow up and they feel they are too much to handle. This causes them to want to have another baby not for the purpose of raising a child but to have another baby.

Mothers may feel that their only purpose is to be a mother and that pregnancy would fill in the responsibilities of getting a job or having a social life. They can just use being pregnant as an excuse to avoid those responsibilities since they will have the excuses of doctor’s appointments and bed rest to be busy. Most women with this addiction feel more feminine and womanly with a baby in their womb. Being a pregnant woman also means being the center of the universe with being treated like the star. People give you gifts at baby showers and send cards and flowers for you to have a successful pregnancy. These women do not want that feeling to go away.

Having a lot of babies can also be a way to avoid empty nest syndrome when it is time for your kids to go to college or move out. You can just erase those feelings of sadness with another child. Pregnant women also tend to feel oxytocin which is a feel good hormone that gives women that pregnancy glow. Once the baby is born, they tend to lose that or develop postpartum depression. Having another baby would erase that feeling. It is important for women with pregnancy to get help right away to determine the need to go through pregnancy so many times that you would avoid your family and life itself.

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