It is bad enough to abuse substances one at a time but some use combinations of different drugs for a higher effect called polysubstance abuse. According to, 13 million Americans have combined crystal meth with alcohol. In 2008, 24% of meth-related emergency room visits had to do with alcohol intoxication. Combining two bad substances can lead to a deadly combination.

Drinking alcohol and using crystal meth together, the risks are even greater than taking them alone. This combination masks the intoxicating effects of alcohol which will make you not feel as drunk, causing you to drink more than normal. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning and death. This comorbid disorder can also impair the decision making part of the brain even worse. Symptoms of this combination include violent outbursts, lowering inhibitions, heart and lung problems, paranoia, psychosis, weight loss, seizures, depression, sleep problems, hallucination, and coma. Your heart rate and energy increases as well as euphoria. Other heart problems include arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, and high blood pressure which can bring deadly results. This combination can also cause you to be violent and commit high risk activities like unprotected sex. Mental health issues can come such as depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

In order to treat alcohol and crystal meth, they must be treated together for a successful recovery. You first must go through medical detox for the proper support and assistance as you go through withdrawal symptoms like confusion, seizures, and irritability can occur when stopping cold turkey. For those with a severe dependency, it is best to go to an inpatient facility where you will get care and support 24/7 as well as be away from triggers at home. Outpatient is good for those who have responsibilities they need to accomplish at home and cannot leave for an extended amount of time.

Outpatient facilities are for about sixteen weeks with programs like cognitive behavioral therapy, drug testing, group counseling, 12 step programs, and family education. Contingency therapy can be helpful in which a therapist offers rewards in exchange for abstinence and participating in treatment. 12 step programs can help those in recovery be able to share their stories and progress as well as complete the steps to be on the right path. Alcohol and crystal meth is not worth destroying your life and your relationships over so it is important to get help fast.





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