The first time someone with alcoholism has tremors in their hands they may write it off as having too much coffee that day.  However, this is can be the first of many signs that alcohol consumption is impacting the body and liver negatively.

The liver is a vital organ.  It performs many necessary functions to live.  As a person consumes alcohol they may begin to encounter negative side effects.  If left unchecked, alcoholism leads to diseases.  Three liver diseases are identified by the Liver Foundation as consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

  1. Fatty Liver disease is the first disease obtained from alcoholism.  Symptoms are sometimes unnoticeable at this stage.  The liver becomes enlarged from the accumulation of fat cells and loses its peak performance.  This lower performance will affect multiple areas including energy,  memory, concentration, and mood.
  2. Alcoholic Hepatitis is the second stage in liver destruction through alcoholism.  In this stage symptoms will be more obvious as the liver continues its declining performance.  Those in this stage may begin to show signs of jaundice, experience weight loss, and regular vomiting to name a few.  In some cases a people with Alcoholic Hepatitis can experience such a severe reaction that it can be fatal.  The good news is that those with this disease can still repair damage done to the liver if they follow the direction of their doctor and fight their addiction in a treatment program.
  3. Cirrhosis of the liver is the final stage of alcoholism destroying the liver.  If not treated, those with this disease have the greatest chance to have a fatal reaction to alcohol.  By now the liver has begun to transform into scar tissue and affect the circulatory system in dramatic ways.  As the liver functions at only a fraction of what it should, the circulatory system will begin to fail.   A person with alcoholism and cirrhosis is in danger of ailments ranging from organ failure to requiring amputation.  Sadly, even with treatment, not all of the damage to the liver can be repaired by this stage.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism please do not wait to seek treatment.  Those who believe they might be in danger of getting an alcohol related liver disease should also seek the advice of their doctor.  Doctors will collaborate with treatment centers to offer you the greatest results in your recovery efforts.  Everyone’s life is too valuable.  There is hope.  


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