When we think about the treatment options for addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s not uncommon to think about group therapy, AA or NA, inpatient clinical stays, and a lot of talking about how we feel. Some centers simply adopt a one-size-fits-all school of thought, while others are more customized to what a person needs. One thing that is becoming increasingly common through almost all treatment programs for addiction is that many centers and groups are adding some type of fitness to their regular treatment and programs.

At first thought, this may not seem like a good idea to you. Why would they give you one more thing to deal with on top of trying to get sober? What may surprise you is how much you’ll benefit from fitness when you’re trying to get clean. Think about it: when someone who’s sober is stressed out, what’s a common way to unwind? Going for a run or doing something active. The body has it’s own feel good chemicals that get released when you work out or are active, and it’s these chemicals that can play a big role in your addiction treatment. Rather than letting you retreat to your own thoughts and possibly negative emotions, having some aspect of fitness, whether it’s hiking trails or a gym at an residential program, will give you the opportunity to release some of the those emotions in a positive, healthy way.

Fitness has the other added benefit of being as flexible as you need it to be. No two addictions are the same, and no two treatments are the same, so it only makes sense that no two people would benefit from exactly the same fitness program. If you’re an older person who may have other health problems, you’re not stuck trying to keep up with a running program. Yoga, swimming, hiking, even riding a bike or gardening can all be integrated into your treatment program, even if you do it on your own. Listen to yourself, like you do with triggers, and find what works best for you and your body.






The Springboard Center took note of how important fitness can be to addiction treatment, and in 2017 opened up a large fitness center on site in Midland, Texas. If you’re currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there’s no better time than now to get help, and The Springboard Center is ready to help you help yourself. Call today and get the help you need: 432-620-0255