As the CEO of a company, you’re supposed to have all the answers, or at least know the people with the answers. You’re the head honcho, the leader of the pack, and if you’re a good one, a lot of people look up to you. That’s a lot of pressure, on top of running a company, and when you’re battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, that added pressure can push you towards the edge, and seem unbearable.

There’s a good chance the pressures of your job or it’s impact on your home life is one of the reasons you started using the substance in question. Being in charge is tough. It’s the reason the President of the United States almost always goes grey haired within his first term. While you may not be running a country, your company is likely just as important to you. You may not be able to see it, but if you’re struggling to addiction, there’s a good chance it’s affecting your work performance. The longer an addiction goes on, the greater the impact it can have on your health, both physically and mentally.

There’s no shame in fighting an addiction. What’s important is the fight. It’s also just as important to know when to get help with your fight. It can be scary, and even potentially embarrassing. It could have major ramifications for your company, if it comes out that you need a drug or alcohol treatment program, and people  may not understand why you have a substance problem. It’s not their place to, luckily, and what would have an even more negative impact on your position and your company would be a failure to get help when you need it. Spiraling down will hurt you and everything you’ve worked for as a CEO, and it’s better to take the time and get treatment and ensure you protect yourself as much as your company than to try and keep it a secret.

As CEO, you have options to get help. The people around you want to see the company succeed, but they also want to see you succeed in treatment, so that you can keep leading the company. Don’t let fear of judgement keep you from getting help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, and take the step to get into a treatment program.

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