Today, dating can be very easy not just with dating websites but with dating apps too. With Tinder and Bumble, you can just swipe who you like and who you do not that it becomes a game. The winner feels better about themselves and might get into a real relationship. It is important to treat dating apps like something fun to do instead of depending on them for your happiness.

In Match’s 2017 Singles in America study, one in six people felt like they were addicted to dating apps and Millenials are 125% more likely to be addicted to them. You know you have an obsession if dating apps take over your life. You could be constantly checking your phone for new matches or messages or get nervous when you do not hear from anyone on the app. It would be rude to the people you are around, such as if you are eating dinner with someone or at a meeting, if you are looking at your phone. Try checking your phone once or twice a day instead of every few minutes. That way, you do not miss out or anger any of the people you are with.

It is also unhealthy if your friends, career, family, or hobbies are no longer important to you compared to your dating apps. It will make them feel like they are not good enough to be around or will be turned off that they do not have your full attention. If you do not take part in any hobbies because you are too absorbed in your dating apps, then your dates will not think that you are interested in anything and it will be hard to find anything to take about. Remember the life you have outside of dating apps.

Dating apps can also be bad for your self-esteem if you do not hear from anyone or if you develop too much of an ego if you have too many dates. You can make a great connection with someone and then not hear from them again. You know who you are more than a bunch of strangers do so do not let them influence your thoughts. If you feel like you do not know who you are anymore, abstain from dating apps so you can discover who you are first and what is important to you before you share your life with someone.

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