Self-esteem is the way that you look at yourself. Having a low self-esteem is not feeling like you are worthy of feeling happy or having any success. Some turn to substance abuse as a temporary solution to their problems. What they do not know is that drugs and alcohol will only further add to misery and addiction the more far into it they get into.

Low self-esteem can come by blaming yourself for physical and emotional abuse that you went through growing up. Some parents have a hard time showing their love for their children. They can think that if they give their child a lot of criticism, it is being honest with them and protecting them from the outside world telling them the same thing. If a child faces too much criticism at home, they will believe they are not good at anything. Being a victim of racism or prejudice does not help either where they are being bullied based on the color of their skin or where they came from everywhere they go. If you are overweight, you can have a low self-image of yourself that you feel like everywhere you go, everyone is staring at you and judging you. Maybe it is just hard for you to fit in that you think that no one will want to be your friend.

Many people with a low self-esteem take drugs or alcohol as a way to increase their self-confidence and will be less concerned with what others think. Addicts may think that drugs and alcohol are helping them but they are headed towards a dark road of addiction and drugs and alcohol can actually make you depressed. Children with a low self-esteem are also more at risk for developing an addiction as kids want to fit in and they may feel peer pressure when they see their friends experimenting with substance abuse.

To increase your self-esteem, use mindfulness meditation to allow yourself to be aware of your thought patterns. Understanding that it is impossible to read minds and know what someone is thinking of you. Try not to assume the worst and like poet Rod McKuen says, “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.” Helping others can also boost your self-esteem in feeling useful and spending less time judging yourself. Remember that no one is perfect and that you do not need to be perfect to be confident.

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