Before you go to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, knowing what activities to expect can prevent added stress and anxiety. Recovery is hard work and a life-changing process. Each facility can have different daily activities, but most are organized and provide structure in a comfortable environment.

A specialist will evaluate your physical and mental health and determine a therapy based on the results. A mental health evaluation can reveal any underlying reasons for your drug and alcohol addiction. Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD will require medication and will be administered with medical supervision.

Daily structure leads to routine habits, and result in post-treatment healthy behavior. The daily activities include waking up early and eating a healthy breakfast. Establishing healthy habits produce healthy results and this is important when changing your lifestyle of substance abuse.

Activities You Can Expect in Treatment

Most of the day will consist of some type of therapy. Group therapy and individual counseling will help you identify your triggers so you can avoid them. Develop coping strategies you can use to overcome triggers and look for patterns. This includes people who abused drugs with you or places associated with drinking alcohol. Therapy and counseling might reveal why you started using drugs and drinking alcohol in the first place.

In group therapy, you have the opportunity to meet others who struggle with addictive disorders. People in the group share personal stories, which you can learn from and connect with people who have similar problems with addiction. Sharing experiences gives insight into the behavior that led to addiction and therapists can offer advice and suggestions.

Some treatment facilities offer unconventional therapy, such as yoga, team building activities, creative arts, and even equine therapy. Participating in therapy and other activities are excellent ways to focus on your well-being and increase the chances for long-term sobriety. Replace the lifestyle with drugs and alcohol to a lifestyle of drug-free activities. Family therapy and counseling allow family members to communicate with each other in a loving and supportive environment. Keep all forms of communication open. It will take time to mend broken relationships.

Treatment helps you prepare for life outside of rehab. Recovery is hard work and requires dedication and determination. Recovery will last a lifetime and treatment gives you the help you will need to adjust to life after the program ends.


Treatment for addiction is the start of a new life. We know how important treatment is. That’s why we’re offering the best in our treatment programs at The Springboard Center. Call us today for information on our residential treatment programs in the Permian Basin: 432-620-0255