Why Our Board Members Think You Should Support Springboard


“I support The Springboard Center, the only substance abuse recovery center in the Permian Basin, offering residential, outpatient and sober living services to those addicted to alcohol and drugs. Springboard is saving lives and restoring families.”

Tevis Herd


I joined the board of Springboard Recovery Center and support it financially as the citizens of our community deserve a first-class addiction treatment and recovery center near their home that provides a complete continuum of care. While Springboard’s facilities are top notch thanks to the generosity of local philanthropists, it’s our staff and their devotion to our mission that sets Springboard apart from other treatment options. Once you or your loved one completes the continuum of care that Springboard provides, the likelihood of a sustained recovery from addiction is greater due to our counselors, support groups and alumni that the Springboard Center offers.

No human being deserves to be captive to addiction to alcohol or drugs, and I’ve seen first-hand the destruction addiction can cause to individuals and their families. Springboard’s treatment program, once completed, releases its clients from the bondage of addiction and restores the life they were created to lead.

Steve Pruett


I support The Springboard Center because I believe it is important to have a local treatment center. The convenience of being able to participate in programs locally such as the family program, intensive outpatient program, and sober living can often be the tipping point in recovery.  Upon completion of residential treatment, clients have a built-in support system through alumni events and established relationships in the recovery community.

Monica Parkison


The Springboard Center gives hope to those in West Texas that are struggling with addiction. It offers new and abundant life through a loving and caring staff that pours into the lives of those that are struggling. It offers a fresh start and is a true blessing to all of us that call West Texas home.

Curtis Clark


“Having a daughter who struggled with addiction, I have seen firsthand how drugs can completely change a person and consume their family with overwhelming grief and stress.  We lost Kirby to a fentanyl overdose in 2016 before anyone knew what fentanyl was.  Losing Kirby is how I became associated with The Springboard Center.  I’ve since learned that Springboard delivers excellent clinical outcomes at an affordable price.  Springboard also provides the full spectrum of addiction treatment from detox to residential care to intensive outpatient treatment to sober living.  Addiction treatment experts will tell you that this continuum of care is the key to recovery.  West Texas is blessed to have such an outstanding facility.”

Forrest Collier


When I think about recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, I’m reminded of one of Einstein’s quotes, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. In my own personal journey, I had to have a clear example of just how to step away from my thinking and try a better way.

The Springboard Center is that place for all in our community that may be ready to try a new way to live and just isn’t having any lasting results trying to change on their own. An opportunity to take a pause and learn all that Springboard has to offer a suffering alcoholic and drug addict to recover. What a blessing for our community to have this place right in our backyard!

Charles Granger


For me, Springboard was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, a bit of hope peeking through the darkness. As my time there continued, I slowly began to shine again. Now, six years later, the tunnel has disappeared, and I am able to fully experience the light. Springboard gives addicts and alcoholics a chance to live again, a chance to start over and make things right. For those in our community who feel like giving up, there is somewhere to go for help. There is somewhere to go for answers. And there is somewhere to go where people understand. I am forever grateful to The Springboard Center, and strongly support the work they are doing to change and improve lives in our community every day.”

Kendra Leonard


Facilities and qualified personnel for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction are a must for every community. Springboard provides the answer for Midland. Easily accessible and available, Springboard continually provides the top-notch services necessary to achieve the best results for the individuals involved, as well as for the overall well-being of the community. Your continuing support will ensure that a best-of-class treatment facility like Springboard will continue to have a presence in Midland and serve anyone seeking assistance.

Thomas Ortloff


The work Springboard does for the Midland community is immensely impactful. It is an honor to serve as an advocate for these valuable citizens of our beloved city, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and their journey to end their addiction and improve their life. The staff are steadfast in their commitment to serving others, and the center’s leadership focuses on enriching the lives of the patients and those who love them.

Austin Nelson


Before Springboard was founded, all of Midland’s patients needing detoxification had to be transferred to San Angelo for treatment, costing our community thousands of dollars. Today, those patients are treated here at Springboard saving our community money.

Because Springboard is a non-profit anyone who is seeking sobriety can afford their services, this gives so much to our community. Every person living in sobriety makes our community a safer and stronger place to live.

Louise Kuzmich


Alcoholism and Drug Abuse/Dependency are underlying contributors to a wide variety of our societal dysfunction.  Thankfully, addiction has been destigmatized in recent years and become a legitimate issue for public discussion.  The Springboard Center is a unique asset to our community as it provides not only medical grade, state-of-the-art detoxification services as well as a 30-day residential sobriety support program.  Additionally, it affords access to continuing sobriety encouragement programs designed to support the all-important goal of lifetime abstinence.  Our community has been exceedingly generous in supporting our mission throughout the 21 years we’ve been serving the community, and we look forward to a bright future of continued service.

Bill Bynum


In 2001 The Springboard Center was established with the goal of building a first-class drug and alcohol treatment facility supported by the Midland community. We opened the doors to the new facility in 2009.  Clearly like most communities, Midland has a very real and prevalent drug and alcohol addiction problem which affects every aspect of our community.  The Springboard Center and its professional staff are well experienced in providing a real solution and clear pathway for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We are here to help anyone who wants to get sober and begin a new and better way of life.

Eddie Wallace


“Many in our Midland/Odessa community are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  The Springboard Center is a gift to Midland in the sense that it enables many of those addicts and their families an opportunity to have another chance at a good life. 

Springboard is a first-class facility with a first-class staff and management.  They are committed to helping those that otherwise would have no options.” 

Ken Moore


Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and soul that knows no boundaries. The Springboard Center and its caring and loving staff offer the recovery tools and understanding to overcome this disease and provide a path to sobriety and a joyful and healthy new life.

Don Olive


People who suffer from addiction seldom can get better without the help of others.  The Springboard Center is there for them and because of them.  Hope is what the suffering need and Springboard gives them that hope and much more.  At Springboard they can begin the process of recovery and acquire the tools to recover and remain in recovery.  Without Springboard, this community would have little to offer to those suffering from substance abuse and to their loved ones.  My family supports Springboard, and we ask that you do, too.

Brad Miller


Addiction is robbing our community of healthy relationships and productive citizens. Fortunately, we have Springboard as an invaluable resource to help reclaim our loved ones and neighbors. Springboard provides an opportunity to restore and invigorate the lives of those suffering through addiction with dignity and respect.

We are so fortunate in Midland to have a community that pours its resources back into the city. Springboard is a perfect example of the power of Midland’s pride and generosity. Their modern facility helps restore and invigorate the lives of our loved ones and neighbors who suffer from addiction with care and dignity. Supporters of Springboard help rebuild the ailing into productive and loving fathers, mothers, children, and neighbors.

Addiction doesn’t care who you are. Man or woman. Wealthy or poor. Strong or weak. Addiction indiscriminately destroys relationships at home, in the workplace, and in our community. Fortunately, Midland has an important line of defense, The Springboard Center. At The Springboard Center, victims of addiction can get the help they need to restore themselves to healthy and productive members of our families, businesses, and community. The Springboard Center provides this vital service to our community with the compassion and respect, these suffering members of our community deserve.

Scott Betton


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