In the movie Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey’s character’s life is falling apart.  In desperation he begins asking God for answers.  At one point he gets frustrated and pleads for a sign.  During his whining, God keeps sending a ridiculous amount of physical signs his way.  Jim Carrey’s character remains oblivious.  It is a humorous scene in the movie that teaches a lesson to be on the lookout for signs that are already there.

Substance abuse displays a variety of signs pointing toward destruction.  Chances are good you come to this article because you have already encountered a sign or two and want to know the dangers of addiction.  Below are five common signs that you may be headed toward self-destruction.

Your tolerance is increasing

The first time you drank or used you felt good.  This feeling encouraged you to use again.  Unfortunately, each time you come back you find you need more of the same substance to achieve a euphoric feeling.  This insatiability will not end well.  

Your life now revolves around your substance of choice

Have you lost motivation for education?  Have you stopped saving up for that new car you wanted?  Addiction is a thief of time, money, and relationships.  Your brain is now trained that getting high is priority.  Everything else is less important.  You can no longer get through a day without thinking about it and trying to obtain it.

You no longer enjoy fun things you used to do

People enjoy a variety of things growing up usually finding something they love along the way.  Perhaps you loved sports, family hangouts, or solving puzzles.  Now that your addiction is in control, those activities seem drab and boring.  Your brain now believes to have a good time you cannot be sober.

Changing relationships

As your addiction takes over your life it will also shape your relationships.  People who live free from addiction will carry on enjoying life as they always have.  Your desire is shifting to build relationships with other people involved in substance abuse so that you can have greater access.

You become moody and irritated after coming down

You believe you feel the best when you are intoxicated.  When your body becomes dependent on the substance, your brain no longer understands sobriety as normal.  Your new normal makes being sober feel like depression and it can be difficult for you to emotionally regulate.


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