There are two general categories of addiction treatment: inpatient and outpatient. Outpatient treatment generally involves daily to weekly meetings with therapists, addiction counselors and often includes involvement in a twelve step program. There are many benefits to outpatient treatment, but it can be hard to ensure you’re getting the best treatment possible if you’re juggling treatment with other activities as well. For this reason, inpatient treatment is often recommended whenever possible, but you should always consider the full picture when looking for a treatment center for yourself or a loved one. Listed below are four reasons you should consider inpatient addiction treatment that you may not have thought about.

  1. They’re prepared to handle withdrawal – in a majority of cases, addiction involves someone have a physical dependence on something. Inpatient addiction centers are prepared to handle it, especially those labeled as certified medical detox facilities. Withdrawal can have serious effects on the body, and should not be done without consulting a medical professional. Inpatient facilities take that step out for you by being prepared for it.
  2. It’s a safe place – It can be hard for people to identify anything in their home environment that could be triggering them and fueling their drug or alcohol use, but in an inpatient facility, they’re removed entirely from that environment, giving them a clean slate from which to work out from and work to identify triggers.
  3. The stress level is low – Stress is one of the many friends of addiction, and as important as our family, friends and jobs are, they can all be added stressors in life that can make it hard to break free from addiction. By going to an inpatient center, you’re going to be able to focus easier on getting clean, rather than thinking about all the things you need to do instead.
  4. It’s all under one roof – Inpatient treatment centers for addiction have medical care, nutrition, psychiatry and a host of other benefits all in one location. That means less stress and less time going from place to place and more time focused on your recovery and achieving sobriety.





Each type of program has it’s benefits, but if you have a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol, you really should consider an inpatient program, because they’ll have more tools readily available to help you with any health issues you may be facing because of your addiction, and it will provide you with a safe place to focus on recovery. No two recoveries are the same, and at The Springboard Center, we can help you find the right path for you, whether it’s an inpatient stay in the residential program, or our outpatient treatment plan. You’re not alone in your battle with addiction. Get help before it’s too late. CALL TODAY: 432-620-0255.