Addiction ruins lives. A drug habit can end a career or end in overdose. A drinking problem can lead to a DUI arrest or an accident, and can be the cause of a divorce. Such destruction and pain can start from what you thought was just a one time thing; one shot won’t hurt. One hit won’t kill me. That kind of thinking can be dangerous, but what truly starts addiction? Doctors and psychologists have yet to find the full answer because addiction is a complex disease, but the old adage rings true even today: all it takes is one. One hit, one needle, one drink, and that’s all it could take to have you addicted.

There’s a wide variety of factors that are in play when it comes to a substance addiction. Family history, behavioral habits and even the people around you all influence whether or not you’re likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is closely related to impulse control, and people who are prone to impulsive or risk-taking behaviors or activities are far more likely to become addicted to something. Your home environment, peer pressure, and how you react to stress and pressure also play a large role in triggering addictions.

There’s no one set triggering event or situation that will cause someone to become addicted. There’s no exact number of hits off of a crack pipe, or drinks from a bottle that will signal the threshold for crossing into addiction. Addiction happens when you can no longer control, remember, or even care how much you’ve consumed. All that you and your brain and body can focus on is getting the amount of the substance you need to have the effect you’ve become physically addicted to. Addiction happens when you realize you’re unable to stop making the choice to use, no matter how hard you may try.

Fortunately, just like there’s no set number of times you have to use drugs or alcohol to get addicted, there’s no limit on how quickly you can turn things around. You can make the choice to get help as soon as you realize you have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Recognizing that it can happen with any use to any person using can help deter you from continuing with substance use.

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