The temptation to relapse is difficult for someone with an addiction to fight. During recovery, you need to avoid any triggers that could influence a relapse. This includes people, places, and things that relate to your lifestyle of using drugs or alcohol.

It is easy to relapse at any time. Learning relapse prevention skills can help the recovery process and limit or avoid a possibility of relapse. Here are 5 relapse prevention skills you need for success:

  1. Identify your triggers. Keep your distance from people you used to drink or get high with. The urge to use drugs or alcohol again can be strong enough to cause a relapse. Avoid areas or places where you used drugs or alcohol. The environment can be a trigger and cause a relapse.
  2. Build your resources and support. Be sure to have support from sober friends and family and let them know if you feel the urge to use drugs or alcohol again. They can encourage you to stay on track with your recovery and be positive influencers for your success. Medical professionals, therapists, and counselors will help and offer suggestions or advice.
  3. Stay busy. Keeping your mind occupied will mean there is less time to think about using drugs or alcohol. Find a hobby or activity that interests you or get involved with an athletic sport. Join a gym and workout every day. Working out not only keeps your body physically fit, but also improves mental health.
  4. Learn what causes a relapse. An emotional event such as a break up with your loved one or friend, or a death in the family can cause a relapse. When something tragic happens, you might think about grabbing a drink. Emotional events mixed with drugs or alcohol is not a good combination.
  5. Recognize mental health and stability. People with a mental illness are more prone to using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. If you have depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or ADHD, got to a doctor who can prescribe the right medication for your condition. When you drink or use drugs to cope with your condition, it will make it worse. Never mix drugs or alcohol with any medication. It can lead to internal damage or even death.


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