Spiked Eggnog and Candy Cane Martinis dance around many tables during the holidays. Couple free-flowing alcohol with other intoxicating elements hanging around, and the holidays can be a challenge for sobriety. Do not despair. Here are ten ways you can thrive during the holidays.

  • Avoid places where you know you will be tempted
    Parties are filled with temptation. If the office party is not mandatory, or you can handle the wrath of aunt Edna for missing a family shindig, consider excusing yourself entirely.
  • Avoid people you used to drink or do drugs with
    Peer pressure is not only bullies forcing middle-schoolers to do something uncomfortable. As an adult you can create pressure on yourself by being around your old drinking friends. Trying to fit in could lead to regrettable decisions.
  • Try meditation
    If you know you are going to face a sobriety challenge, use this preparation tactic. Meditation can help you handle tempting situations confidently.
  • Bring a friend
    Responsible friends can help you avert relapse. If you cannot physically bring a friend, promise them you will check in regularly.
  • Apprise everyone of your sobriety
    This is not always appropriate, but if you find yourself enjoying the holidays with close friends or family they will respect your decision. You may even gain instant accountability partners.
  • Prepare an escape route
    There may be times when the temptation to use will be too much. Your recovery is more important. You have permission to suddenly get sick, or use some other excuse to cut out early.
  • Eat some good food
    Research has shown that bodily desires like tiredness, thirst, and hunger can trigger addictions. Make sure if you go to a holiday outing that you are well rested and fed. If you don’t eat before a party, don’t be shy and devour that caviar.
  • Focus on something other than alcohol to experience at gatherings
    The first thing you used to look for were the drinks. Now you have to train yourself to look for other distractions. Maybe there are games or good conversations cropping up that you can participate in.
  • Bring your own fun
    Make some unique food to share, bring a board game, or bring gingerbread houses if you have to. This is another distraction tactic, but moreover these are great ways to have fun.
  • Go on vacation
    If the holidays are too much, and you cannot find any scenario that will keep you in recovery, then plan a vacation. Get away from it all and see a place you have never been.

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