Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a life-long process with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, personal relationships with family and friends become compromised. Addiction can result in job loss, cause financial problems, physical and mental health issues, overdose, and early death. Here are 10 reasons to go to sober living:

  1. Heal broken relationships. Drug and alcohol addiction can cause trust issues with family and friends. When taking the steps to sobriety, family therapy and counseling is a good way to heal relationships.
  2. Increase job productivity. When living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you can have a hard time staying employed. Frequent absences, tardiness, and decline in job productivity can result in job loss. A life of sobriety allows more prompt, reliable and productive work.
  3. Save money. Living with a substance addiction will cause extra expenses so money is spent on drugs and alcohol. Debts and bills go unpaid. Sober living permits you to save money, pay the bills, and have the basic needs to live a healthy health.
  4. Physical health. An addiction to drugs and alcohol leads to physical health issues. The brain and other organs are affected, and using drugs and alcohol can cause an early death. These health issues could be preventable with sober living.
  5. Mental health. Most substances have negative effects on mental health. Some heighten depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia, and cause sleep issues. Living substance free allows a medical professional to treat any underlying psychological issues.
  6. Improve self-confidence. Drug and alcohol cause feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and self-doubt. Sobriety allows a person to enjoy life to the fullest and pursue goals.
  7. Increase motivation. Living on drugs and alcohol has negative effects on health and self-worth. Sobriety allows for an increase in mood, health, and motivation.
  8. Discover more about yourself. Another great reason for sobriety is you get to know more about yourself and discover the real you.
  9. Memory. In a life of drugs and alcohol, you can easily forget things and important events. Drugs and alcohol affect memory and the ability to remember things. Memory is affected and that means you might not remember your loved one’s birthday, holidays, or watching your kids grow up.
  10. Enjoy life. Living substance-free is more enjoyable. A healthy, sober mind changes a person’s perspective. Everything in life should be more appreciated. Realize life is short and enjoy it to the fullest.


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