It is common for employers to take a 5-panel drug test so that they can test you for the five common misused drugs. Then there are tests that look for ten drugs that could be in your system. It is important for more companies to employ 10-panel drug tests so that no other drugs slip up and can protect the safety of others.

The 10-panel drug tests look for the five most frequently misused prescription opioids as well as five illicit drugs not prescribed by a doctor. 10-panel drug tests test for amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, phencyclidine, methaqualone, methadone, and propoxyphene. These drugs have proven to be the most commonly abused except for the test does not screen for alcohol. Any illegal or legal drugs can be detected through this test including prescription drugs. This test is mostly for people in professions where they are responsible for the safety of others like law enforcement officers, medical professionals, or federal, state, and local government employees. Drugs remain in your body for a limited amount of time depending on the drug, dose, type of sample, and metabolism. For example, cocaine can stay in your system for two to ten days and opioids for one to three days.

Before you give a urine sample, avoid drinking excessive fluids and go to the bathroom two to three hours before the test. Make sure to bring your identification. Some tests take place in a medical clinic, workplace, or somewhere else. If you have tested positive, it means that one or more panel drugs have been detected. Negative means that no drugs have been detected at the cut-off concentration or at all. Inconclusive or invalid means that the test was no successful in checking for panel drugs.

When your results say positive, it will not be sent to your employer right away but it will be retested using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to confirm the presence of any substance. If the second screening is positive, a medical review officer might speak to you to see if there is a medical reason as a result of your test. It will then be shared with your employer after. If you get a negative test result, your results will be sent to your current or prospective employer. This drug test will give employees more accurate results about their drug use and all the more reason to be clean.

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